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Join our team at OHIO Design

We are building a small team of "Swiss army knives" to design and create the most beautiful and sustainable products for the home and workplace. 

Must love design and understand the power that it has to change people's lives for the better. Ohio design is changing the way that furniture is procured for San Francisco.

At the core of our business is our culture of learning and growth. 

We are currently looking for a fusion 360 expert who can also operate a CNC. We have a SCM Routech Record 125.

We are interviewing presently for a part-time position. We love what we do and we have evening and weekend shifts.


Credentials necessary

 1. Must love design.

 2. Must have a passion for craft and product.

 3. Our teammates are striving to be self-aware and possess a strong grasp of situational awareness.

 4. Must know Fusion 360 and be able to bring designs to full render (or close).

 5. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator Premier.

This is not a job posting, it is an invitation to be part of the OHIO Family.  Please send your portfolio and a short letter to tell us why you are the best candidate. You can contact us on LinkedIn or send an email to

If this is not for you, we would appreciate it if you could forward this post on to someone that you might think is interested in meeting with us. 

Thank you

David and the OHIO Team

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