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What we do and why we do it...

Ohio Design is a creative studio based in San Francisco's Mission district that focuses on designing and crafting simple beautiful, high-quality offerings across a variety of disciplines. The people that we like to work with value honest thoughtful design and impeccable execution. Ohio Design believes that beauty can be found everywhere and should be accessable to all and aims to create products that feel beautiful and are sustainably made using locally sourced materials. We strive to empower our customers to make informed decisions about the products they purchase. 

We are a company established in 1997 with extensive experience crafting pieces for both commercial and residential spaces. Our focus is on both functionality and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We collaborate with designers and clients to bring our expertise and add value to projects.


1.    You have a need, you would like a truly sustainable option to fill that need.

2.    You can drop us a note to share that need.​

3.    We respond with a possible solution.  

Simple as that.   If warranted, that we can best help you, we might send some questions or possibly arrange a short phone or video call to gain a little  more context of what is important to you. (max 15 minutes depending on the project complexity) 

We offer orders for existing pieces in our line that are viewable via our products page, gallery or Instagram.   These product options are available in any size and quantity and quantity.




These are larger scale projects where we can design and build completel environments using our effecient system of design and production.    We love to create whole environments and we are uniquely suited to do this.  We are developing work in a variety of areas and you may inquire for the list of these areas.



Please email us at to get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you

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